Grants management software to ensure strategic giving programs.

High-impact organizations across the world choose Blackbaud's grantmaking solutions to drive success.

Fund only the most impactful initiatives, with total transparency.

As the grants cycle process continues to grow more deeply collaborative and outcome-focused, clear data and insights are more crucial than ever. Your philanthropic giving requires a simple, comprehensive solution to ensure effective and efficient grantmaking in an ever-evolving landscape.

Blackbaud Grantmaking™ enhances strategic communication, outcomes, and reporting capabilities – all powered by a modern, integrated, open platform that can be configured to your unique processes. You’ll also benefit from a partner at the center of the ecosystem of good, connected to all types of organizations involved in the grantmaking process. And you'll achieve more with a solution partner who can also address your financial management and other social responsibility needs.

With Blackbaud Grantmaking you’ll:

  • Ensure your grants drive maximum impact with unmatched insight into your grant programs and outcomes
  • Work more efficiently with an intuitive grants workflow process and financial integrations
  • Get a true picture of your outcomes with access to information from all philanthropic stakeholders
  • Tell your impact story with common outcomes measurement language
  • Build stronger relationships with your constituents with clear communication tools throughout the grants cycle
  • Decrease the time between application and approval, maximizing your ability to achieve your mission goals
"Blackbaud's technology helps us improve efficiencies that save time, and time saved translates into measurable impact for dogs -- and their people."

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