Build grassroots advocacy campaigns that win. 

Drive Grassroots Action with Advocacy that Integrates with Your Fundraising and Marketing

You need engagement to succeed with your campaign. This starts by winning the hearts of your supporters and moving them to action. Blackbaud’s advocacy solutions help you understand the passions and motivations of your supporters, identify who is likely to take action, and know when they’re most likely to act.

We help you find your best advocates by layering external data and tagging every supporter with demographic, wealth and social data. Target your most active supporters on social media to increase social engagement with your campaigns. We provide letter delivery reporting and provide automatic notifications if issues arise. As one of the largest petition senders in the US, we're committed to ensuring your voice is heard loud and clear.

Highly customizable and seamlessly integrated with our fundraising and marketing solutions, Blackbaud’s advocacy solutions are designed to meet all of your unique needs.

With Blackbaud advocacy solutions you’ll:

  • Reach those most likely to take action
  • Galvanize grassroots support to influence policy and opinion
  • Amplify your voice to influence decision makers who matter most
  • Build effective, cross-channel campaigns that win
  • Convert advocates into sustained donors
  • Increase impact by optimizing your campaign strategy and execution and integrating with your fundraising and marketing.

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