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Operate more efficiently. Reach and engage new supporters. Retain and expand existing donors.

High-impact organizations across the world choose Blackbaud's fundraising and CRM solutions to drive success.

High-Impact Fundraising. Dynamic Relationship Management. Simplified.

You have an ambitious vision to make the world a better place—and championing your mission requires best-in-class fundraising capabilities.

Blackbaud’s fundraising and CRM solutions are built for the needs of organizations like yours—intuitive, easy to use, and scalable to provide great value for any budget. With unmatched insight through exclusive philanthropic data intelligence and analytics, you save time and money.

Blackbaud’s purpose-built fundraising and CRM solutions enable your organization to:

  • Cultivate lifelong relationships and raise more money with analytics-driven insight into supporters’ financial, demographic, behavioral, and lifestyle characteristics
  • Connect your organization and ensure team members have access to the information they need with communication tools, dashboards, and workflows designed to surface actionable insight
  • Win the confidence of key stakeholders with enhanced reporting that sheds new light on your organization’s performance
  • Achieve a clear view of performance with intuitive reporting that tracks key fundraising metrics
  • Streamline your fundraising by consolidating disparate processes, communications, and donor data into one fundraising and CRM solution

With over 30 years of dedicated industry leadership, Blackbaud is the world’s undisputed fundraising expert. Today’s most impactful organizations leverage Blackbaud to discover, reach, and engage new supporters; retain and expand the impact of their existing supporter base; and streamline their processes to operate more efficiently.

“We have more people than ever before all feeding into and working from the same data. Different departments are collaborating in ways they haven’t before, and because of this we now have one single source of data. We’re even able to securely share information between departments so that only relevant people can see certain information, which means we are not compromising data protection in any way.”     

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