Enrollment Management System (EMS)

Seamlessly connect all aspects of the admissions process.

What Makes the Best Admission System for K–12 Schools and Small Colleges?

​Power your school’s admissions with the online Enrollment Management System for K-12 private schools and small colleges that creates a strong first impression, improves the application process, streamlines contracts, and connects to tuition billing.


Seamlessly connect all aspects of the admissions process.

The admissions process has many moving parts, and disconnected systems can create a frustrating, time-consuming experience for applicants and staff.

Blackbaud’s Enrollment Management solution makes it easier than ever to connect all aspects of the admissions process so staff can focus on what’s truly important—building relationships with applicants. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with our entire portfolio of education management solutions.

With Blackbaud's onBoard® enrollment management system™ (EMS):

  • Create a seamless experience with a single online system that makes it easy to apply, track application status, and make enrollment decisions
  • Capture immediate responses with call-to-action links
  • Effectively communicate with streamlined tools that keep applicants informed of progress and milestones within the enrollment process
  • Save time with scheduling tools that allow admissions officers to manage their day-to-day schedules of tours, interviews, and other admissions activities

Work more efficiently and offer an exceptional experience to applicants with notifications, calendars, email communications and more.

Admission Inquiry & Application Forms

Load the admissions funnel with the right prospect data through customizable inquiry and application forms.

  • Responsive forms are mobile enabled
  • Quickly engage with real-time inquiry alerts
  • Integrates with the Student Application Online (SAO)

Applicant Tracking & Re-Enrollment

Solidify enrollment with a personalized experience.

  • Customize admission milestones and enable applicants to track their progress
  • Quickly identify a prospect’s status, and gain insight into the entire pipeline through Blackbaud SKY reporting
  • Save time by allowing applicants to self-schedule visits and interviews
  • Resolve contracts sooner with the simplified re-enrollment process

Online Committee Review

Organize feedback and make informed decisions.

  • Access applicant information along with comments from other reviewers.
  • Cut office expenses by eliminating paper and folders
  • Save time—simplifying the review process reduces the late nights

Get Connected

The best Enrollment Management System is one where a captivating School Website attracts inquiries and encourages applicants...data from the inquiry form flows into the Student Information System, Accounting, and Fundraising software solutions upon acceptance...the same login credentials set during the application process are used to view assignments and grades in the Learning Management System...and accounts are automatically provisioned in the Tuition Management System.

Only Blackbaud provides the true all-in-one cloud solution.

Resources for Enrollment Management

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