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The LMS that drives learning outcomes.

Hundreds of K-12 private schools and small colleges are benefiting from Blackbaud’s education management solutions and software optimization services.

Blackbaud's Learning Management System (LMS) Software

​​Discover the online Learning Management System (LMS) that supports the entire student experience from mastering academic concepts to engaging in athletics and extracurriculars.

Support the entire learning experience.

Blackbaud’s LMS supports the entire student experience from mastering academic concepts to engaging in athletics and extracurriculars.

Educators appreciate the ability to create, collaborate, and communicate all in one simple solution—freeing more time for educational priorities. In collaboration with Blackbaud Student Information System™, faculty have a 360-degree view of student data.

With Blackbaud's onCampus® learning management system you’ll:

  • Increase engagement with a mobile-friendly application that allows staff and faculty to communicate and collaborate anywhere, anytime
  • Boost efficiency with automated grading and streamlined communication tools
  • Elevate student outcomes with dynamic learning resources and interactive assignments

What Makes the Best LMS for K–12 Schools and Small Colleges?

Academic Course Management

Designed for multitasking faculty and on-the-go students, Blackbaud’s course management system works responsively on phones, tablets, and desktop browsers.

  • Boost efficiency with Gradebook shortcut keys, bulk comments and rubrics.
  • Maximize student productivity with the Assignment Center
  • Innovate with interactive assignments—including online submissions, assessments, and discussions—empowering faculty to assess students in multiple ways

Athletic Team Management

Enables students to view their sports schedule and notifications in the same online app as coursework.

  • Attach location directions to game and practice schedules and equipped with one-click cancellation notifications
  • Message roster members with updates and reminders
  • Athletic directors have complete oversight of game and practice schedules as well as location and transportation management

Advising & Activity Management

Simply create advising, activity, residential, and community pages to streamline communication amongst group members.

  • Provide advisors and students a forum to discuss performance, course requests, and other activities
  • Allow organizations such as student government to create and manage their own news, events, and announcements
  • Easily query the database to create smart groups

Get Connected

The best Learning Management System is one where student data originates in the Enrollment Management System...courses are accessed by the Student Information System for scheduling and grading...athletic schedules automatically appear on the website...students use the same login credentials to access coursework and athletic schedules...and where profile updates sync to the Accounting and Fundraising software solutions.

Only Blackbaud provides the true all-in-one cloud solution.

Now students don’t have to go to different websites or remember different log-ins to be able to access class materials. Our parents aren’t getting 12 different emails from us every week. Now it’s all online in one location for them. It has been great.

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